Who we are and why we do it

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Hannah Alexander-Wright

Hannah has worked in private and public sector ELT for 17 years as a teacher, manager, marketer and business development leader. She has her own (award-winning) business, offering coaching, marketing, innovation and business expertise to clients of state universities, education start-ups, accommodation providers and agents. She is half-way through a Master's in Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins and will happily bore you for hours about this. Check out her website: alexander-wright.co.uk

It was Hannah's idea to call the events "Coaching and Cava" - see photo.


Ola Gasza

Ola has 5 years of experience working in events, marketing, HR and project management in the UK and Poland. After receiving a Masters degree in social psychology she moved into the education sector with a view to making more positive changes in students lives and learning experience. Ola has worked alongside James for two years, assisting with setting up Bayswater Education, and launching the events department at David Game College. Currently she is working in higher education.


James Herbertson

James is the co-founder of Bayswater Education, the first social enterprise in international education. For every student that studies with Bayswater, they help another student from a disadvantaged background - one for one. He set up and later sold accommodation provider London Nest, which has helped over 15,000 students to find accommodation in the capital. James is secretary of Zimbabwe Rural Schools Development Programme, sits on the board of the British Educational Travel Association (BETA) and is on the committee of English UK London.

James' enthusiasm and positivity could light up an entire city.  He also pours a mean Cava.